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General Conditions of Contract

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General contractual conditions for the supply of translation services by

Puntolingua, C. Orlandi
Lüderitzstraße, 11
13351 Berlin - Deutschland

1. Object
These conditions regulate the supply of translation services (hereinafter referred to as 'service' or 'services') as offered by Puntolingua.

2. Services - accepted format
Puntolingua supplies services to and from the Italian language.
Accepted formats; the texts to be translated may be sent
- by post
. by fax
- by e-mail or other electronic means.
Translation of elements that differ from the main text, such as tables in Excel or of another nature, shall be the subject of special estimates. Puntolingua does not accept Word files that have macro content.

3. Applicable tariffs.
The services will be accounted according to the tariffs shown on the estimate.

4. Estimate request and acceptance.
A client who intends to make use of the services offered by Puntolingua shall send, by e-mail, post or fax, those texts for which an estimate is requested. The accounting shall be made on the basis of the language combination, the type and length of the text, the required format, and the deadline for delivery. Whenever not otherwise specified, the estimate shall be understood to mean delivery in Word format (doc) within a reasonable number of days from the commission, which shall depend on the length of the text, but shall not in any case be less than two.
The client shall enter invoicing details onto, and sign for acceptance, the estimate sent to him by Puntolingua by e-mail, or where expressly requested by fax.

5. Order confirmation and service payment.
Acceptance of the estimate shall be confirmed by the client by e-mail, post or fax. The estimate is to be considered as accepted in its entirety, in the exact terms contained within it. The invoice shall be sent once the work has been delivered. Payment terms are 30 days for companies. Private individuals are required to pay in advance.

6. Estimate validity.
Each estimate sent by Puntolingua is definitive and has one month's validity.

7. Respect of the terms of agreement
Puntolingua shall do whatever possible to respect the terms of execution of the service communicated by the client on presentation of the estimate. It shall in all cases inform the client with all possible speed, by e-mail, fax or telephone, whenever the service cannot be carried out within the terms indicated (for example due to system breakdown or slowdown, temporary unavailability of the translator, etcetera). In such cases Puntolingua shall communicate to the client the new terms foreseen for completion of the service.

8. Tariffs
The tariffs applied are calculated on the basis of a standard page of 1,500 keystrokes, that is to say characters including spaces and punctuation. Whenever the document is equal to the fraction of a standard page then the amount of the tariff shall be decided in the following way:
a) from 1 to 750 keystrokes, ½ standard page
b) from 751 to 1500 keystrokes: one entire standard page .

9. Translation guarantee
The translation services are carried out by highly qualified translators selected according to their specialisation and ability. Puntolingua guarantees that the text shall be free from grammatical and orthographical errors, over and above omissions or additions, and will be such as to offer high fidelity in reproducing the text supplied by the customer.

11. Corrections of possible errors - reporting.
Puntolingua undertakes to correct any mistakes there may be in the finished text free of charge, on the following conditions;
a) the only mistakes to be corrected will be grammatical and/or orthographical, along with mistakes linked to an incorrect interpretation and/or comprehension of the text. Any claims relating to the style of translation and technical terminology will not be entertained, unless such terminology had been supplied by the client at the moment of requesting an estimate.
b) any mistakes must be communicated by the client to Puntolingua by way of fax or e-mail within seven days from receipt of the text. Such communication must indicate specifically and in detail the type of mistake contained in the translation. In cases where such immediate communication within the period detailed above does not occur, then the text shall be considered accepted and the client shall waive all rights relating to supposed defects in the translation.

12. Limits of responsibility
These general contractual conditions do not contain any implicit guarantee. All guarantees given by Puntolingua shall be considered as being limited exclusively to those declarations expressly made as part of these contractual conditions. Puntolingua does not guarantee that the translated text shall satisfy any specific end that the client may have, and cannot therefore be held responsible for whatever damages may arise for the client from use of the translation. Puntolingua does not accept any responsibility in cases of loss or damage to files due to system operations.

13. Right of usage of the text and guarantees
The client declares and guarantees that he is the fully legitimate proprietor of the right to use the texts and more generally of all material delivered to Puntolingua, and beyond this, to have the legitimate right to distribute and deliver to Puntolingua such materials for the ends foreseen in these contractual conditions. The client also declares and guarantees that the use of such materials by Puntolingua for the execution of the contract does not violate the rights of any third parties.
The client undertakes to keep entirely from damage and to hold harmless Puntolingua, on request, from any third party action relating to the use of the materials translated and used in execution of the contract. It shall in any case be understood that the delivery of material to Puntolingua for the execution of the contract cannot in any way be seen as a cession of rights relating to the material itself, which shall remain the exclusive property of the client.
The client guarantees that all the texts, and more generally the materials, delivered to Puntolingua in execution of the contract do not violate any legal provision. In all cases Puntolingua reserves the right to refuse to translate any text that may appear to be contrary to legal provision.

14. Applicable law
This agreement is governed by the german law.

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